Friday, February 24, 2012

More Cakes

So, the past couple months have been quite busy for me (not with just cakes)! But, here are a few that I've done in the past few months.

Cake Pops and Cookies

Ok, so I have found that I love to do cookies and Cake pops, too! So, this post is dedicated to those. I do blog about some of my cookie and cake baking journeys.. so, check my home site every now and then for those entertaining bits!
I also have another affiliated site with yummy recipes that I try sometimes. Auntie's Kitchen  is full of recipes for some great home cooking as well as a few random baked goodies.

So, here are some of my newest creations!

This is my own creation! I am so proud of me. It's your lucky day. I actually gave the recipe for it on my sister blog. You really need to try these. I call them White Chocolate Cran-Blueberry Cookies!

Red Velvet/Cream cheese cake pops. OMG. These are my absolute favorite at this point in time. They are sinful and oh so amazing.

Anyone that knows me, understands my infatuation with Zombies! So, here are some of my favorite little guys that a friend helped me with. We loved doing these, and the Royal Icing Recipe I used for them was OUT OF THIS WORLD!
So.... just one question.... Have You Seen My Zombie?

As time progresses...

I have really started getting requests for cakes. I don't charge as much as most people..and I love to do the cakes. So, here are a few from the past six months or so.


Some more work.

So, I started really enjoying cake baking and decorating. I could tell that I was in no shape to charge people for my cakes, but I enjoyed doing them. So, I did! Here are a few more:

My brother-in-law works for a pipeline company. So, I thought it would be cute to actually destroy a cake for once! It was awesome! I even stuck one of those Oreo straws in it, so that he would have a pipe line to work on! hee hee
I loved making this cake. It's so simple, but it was fun.

My first whimsical cake!. I can honestly say; it didn't turn out at all how I had it planned in my head. And, personally, I really didn't care for making it. Maybe I'll try another one some day...for now, I'll just stick to conventional cakes! 

My beginnings.

Ok. So, here are a few from when I first started really trying to decorate cakes. I love to do cakes, it's challenging and there's always something I learn through the process. Every. Single. Time.

 It started with the Watermelon cake. This was my very first attempt at making a cake (other than the ones you just pull out of the oven and slap some icing on). It was for a family reunion.
It was a HIT!
What did I learn here? When you transfer a cake to and from the freezer, it sweats! .. .haha Very important information for a beginner.

Then, came the random cake for every occasion I could think of! Good thing I have a family with birthdays in almost every month of the year! Here are a few that followed:

You can see how I progressed. And, you can still see some of my mistakes here and there. I started playing around with fondant (to be used for decorations). I personally, can't stand the taste of it. I don't think it adds to the cake at ALL. I know that it's pretty and nice and smooth..but you just can't beat a classic butter cream iced cake. 

I may change my mind one day..but for now.. I will take taste over looks! 

Let's Eat!

Well, I do cakes. I do cookies. I do cake pops. I do the ooey, gooey stuff that everyone tells you not to eat. This is my blogspot to show off my work. Please keep in mind that I am NOT a professional, nor to I claim to be. Most of my work is done for family and close friends, a few bake sales here and there, and generally just because I'm bored.

It's a work in progress, and I have learned that the more I do, the better I get. So, I guess I'll just start posting pics and stuff.

Hope you enjoy! :)