Friday, February 24, 2012

My beginnings.

Ok. So, here are a few from when I first started really trying to decorate cakes. I love to do cakes, it's challenging and there's always something I learn through the process. Every. Single. Time.

 It started with the Watermelon cake. This was my very first attempt at making a cake (other than the ones you just pull out of the oven and slap some icing on). It was for a family reunion.
It was a HIT!
What did I learn here? When you transfer a cake to and from the freezer, it sweats! .. .haha Very important information for a beginner.

Then, came the random cake for every occasion I could think of! Good thing I have a family with birthdays in almost every month of the year! Here are a few that followed:

You can see how I progressed. And, you can still see some of my mistakes here and there. I started playing around with fondant (to be used for decorations). I personally, can't stand the taste of it. I don't think it adds to the cake at ALL. I know that it's pretty and nice and smooth..but you just can't beat a classic butter cream iced cake. 

I may change my mind one day..but for now.. I will take taste over looks! 

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